Advice for taking the measurements of your glass

Measurements are taken in millimeters so a glass measuring 60x40 should be noted as 600x400 mm.

If your glass is still in place, take its measurements to the nearest millimeter and place a direct order.

If your window is broken or missing, take the interior measurements of the door frame and subtract 3 mm from each measurement.

To summarise: subtract 6 mm from each measurement.
For example: your frame measures 650 x 420 mm, you must order a glass measuring 644 x 414 mm.

Advice for assembly

In order to replace the glass of your fireplace or stove insert, you must:

  1. If possible, remove the door and lay it flat.
  2. Spray lubricant on the screws and wait a few minutes.
  3. Unscrew the brackets.
  4. Remove the window or the remaining debris and carefully clean the door frame so that the new window can be fitted correctly.
  5. Place the self-adhesive seal around the new window. NB: some models do not have a seal on the window’s upper edge.
  6. Place the new window in the door frame.
  7. Screw the brackets back without forcing – to avoid the risk of the glass cracking when the iron door cools down for the first time.
  8. Replace the door on your fireplace or stove insert and leave to dry for 24 hours before relighting the fire.

The glass

The company Cosse & Co uses Néocéram glass:


Néocéram™ is the vitro-ceramic glass which has the most exceptional heat-resistant properties. Since it is able to resist the highest temperatures without changing, it is perfectly suited to heating appliances.

  • Néocéram glass is ideal for fireplace, stove or boiler inserts. Whether flat, curved, folded or rounded, Néocéram glass can be adapted to all innovations in the field of design.
  • Furthermore, Néocéram has a self-cleaning property and thus remains perfectly transparent.
  • Néocéram is used by leading brands for its original parts: Brisac, Invicta, Godin, Philippe, Richard Le Droff, Supra and Turbo Fonte, etc.

The manufacturing of Néocéram™ glass is certified ISO 9001 and 9002.


Néocéram glass is adapted to all types of heating: it transmits up to 90% of infrared heat and is resistant to heat over 800° whilst retaining perfect transparency and the appearance of natural glass.

Néocéram glass virtually never expands and resists nearly all major differences in temperature – including, for example, the sudden thermal shock caused when water is accidentally splashed.

See the technical characteristics of Néocéram glass.

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